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Why Q College?

Vision, Mission and Objectives


To be a leading provider of education and training for local & overseas students in London.


To prepare our students well for the future by helping them to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in a high quality learning environment.


In serving the needs of students, staff and our business partners, we plan to:

  • deliver appropriate and relevant programmes
  • continually improve learning and teaching approaches
  • develop productive partnerships to help achieve our objectives
  • support appropriate human resource development
  • promote equality and diversity
  • continually improve the quality of our services
  • be innovative and improve our efficiency
  • maintain up-to-date equipment and resources
  • Continue to be financially secure.
Ethos & Values
Q College believes at all times in:
  • equality and diversity
  • listening to students
  • continual improvement
  • high achievement
  • skills-focused training
  • productive partnerships with each of the awarding bodies and accrediting institutions with whom we have relationships.

Dedicated, Skilled and Qualified staff
All teachers / trainers are masters degree/diploma qualified and they have relevant experience in their areas of training.

Flexible teaching methods

Our experienced teachers and lecturers have been selected for their in-depth knowledge of the subject, communication skills, and real and varied business and academic experience, and dedication to helping students progress. We follow the proven methodology for adult education based on Motivation, Knowledge Transfer & Testing for understanding and Practice.

Library and Learning Environment
The College offers a relaxed but professional environment where members are encouraged to socialise together and care for each other. Learning opportunities are maximized through an English only environment and dynamic teaching programmes catering to all students. The library is equipped with books on English, Computer sciences, Management and other courses.

Modern Facilities

Classrooms are bright, comfortable and are well equipped with teaching aids. The computer systems run with appropriate software with broadband Internet access. There is a library facility for students as well.


Q College is situated in Ilford in East London.

Student Care
Student satisfaction is of the utmost priority and hence the entire staff are always eager to help students at all times, whether it is a personal problem or a study related issue there is always someone the students can talk to. Q College offers assistance to students in finding accommodations and help in many other areas besides academics.

Value for Money

Our tuition fees are highly competitive and offer the quality education with uncompromising facilities. We offer installments in payments and also offer various discount schemes at regular intervals.

Multicultural Community

Q College thrives to create a multicultural community with students from all over the world representing Asia, Africa, and Europe etc. The life at the College is lively and fun. The students experience a sense of belonging in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere supported by our bilingual staff.