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Admission Process:

1. The application process of the College starts from the completed application form. The application form can be filled online or be collected from the admissions office of the College. Students need to fill the application form and to make a careful check that all sections have been completed in full.

2. The application form should be sent to the College with the following documentary evidence of personal identification and academic achievements.

  • Evidence of personal identification (full name, picture, date of birth)

Candidates must send us a photocopy of the following:

  • Passport and Evidence of past qualifications.

3. Candidates must send either the original certificate/s showing the final award/s for each qualification or photocopies of these originals but in the case they must bring their original at the time of registration.

4. In the meantime, we may be able to start processing the application, however we cannot register a student until all the documentation have been received and verified by the admissions officer.

5. The College reserves the right to ask for further evidence of the candidate’s qualifications if required.

6. The candidates are responsible to arrange for all the necessary documentation to be obtained in support of their application.

7. When your tuition fees have been paid, the College will send you your Admission Statement.

8. Applicants from some countries are required to obtain a Visa from their local British Embassy or High Commission prior to travelling to London. This is likely to involve an interview with an Entry Clearance Officer who will want to see:

a Your Passport
b Your academic qualifications
c Evidence that you have access to the necessary living expenses


English Language (CEFR Level B2)

Entry Requirements

CEFR B2 English Language course:

-Those students whose first language is not English are required to have English Language at CEFR Level B1 (see UKVI approved awards).